The Most Essential Feature in the Chicken Coop – the “Roost”

So you have decided to raise chicken, which will provide you and your family with delicious eggs and meat. It does not matter whether you follow the instructions on Chicken Coop Plans to build the coop yourself, or you buy one ready-made, the roost, or the place where your birds will sleep, is very important.

You have to respect the nature of the birds, and make sure that your chicken will feel comfortable for the night, so that they can adapt well to the conditions you are offering. 

Only then will they reward you. You need to be strategic, and place the roost in the highest corner of your Chicken Coop Plans. Birds in the wild have a similar behavior, that is, they are sleeping on elevated grounds (for example tree branches). You must do your best and offer them similar conditions, which will make them feel safe and comfortable.

Place all roosts at about the same height within the coop, if possible. If you have too many chickens, then you should build roosts that imitate horizontal shelves that intersect, but being still at the same height. Thus you will save precious space within the coop, and you will avoid the so common “chicken fights” for who gets to sleep on the highest roost. 

This is a typical behavior from chicken being forced to share the same place; this is why you need to pay attention to this aspect. Many of the Chicken Coop Plans that you can find online, will also serve you with important information regarding how you should build the roosts inside the coop.

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